Nanodialab is a

global company beautifying people and lives through products made with nano technology.

Nanodialab is a company that directly researches, develops, manufactures, and sells cutting edge new material nanodiamond cosmetics, and is innovating the cosmetic paradigm through dreams achieved with nanodiamond and prestige cosmetic Teradia.

  • From nanodiamond
    material to complete
    comestic product

    By cooperating with Russian and international researchers for 15 years using the nanodiamond material first discovered in Russia in 1963, succeeded in developing highly active and concentrated nanodiamond. Launch of Teradia cosmetic line-up which features first cosmetics with new material TD complex applied.

  • Global no.1
    in diamond cosmetic

    Through category creation and market preoccupation of diamond cosmetic in the global cosmetic market, enhanced status as global no.1 in diamond cosmetic

  • Pioneer in nano/bio
    fusion technology

    Leader of nanobio fusion technology through technical fusion of nanotechnology and biotechnology professionals and medicine process technology professionals